God's Own Junkyard

In Walthamstow, East London, you'll find the workshop and showroom of Chris Bracey. A neon artist and signwriter, his work has graced many a movie set, and has created what can only be called a cult following - and rightly so. 

To walk into Gods Own Junkyard is to accept that you will fall in love with colour and light, and find it impossible to stop smiling for the duration of your visit (and let's face it - some time after, too).

Chris' passion for his work is clear, and the feeling of joy his work (literally) radiates means that all those who enter are immediately converted to their most childlike selves - exclaiming and grinning and virtually running from piece to piece. He and his staff warmly engage with their visitors, and graciously allow photography on the premises.

Chris has recently had to find new premises for his studio, as the City Council plan to build apartments in its current location. I managed to visit his former premises on one of their last open weekends, before they closed their doors. On November 30th 2013 he will be reopening at a new location, and will surely be creating the same colourful oasis in the Junkyard's new neighbourhood.

For more information on Chris and Gods Own Junkyard, you can visit: www.godsownjunkyard.co.uk. Follow @GodsOwnJunyard on Twitter. And read this GQ article on Chris' relocation: http://bit.ly/18Gr1Pr.